After increasing number of men and women who know the ripoffs via SMS, now be careful because they have appeared inside another form that is similar but not a similar that fraud through cyberspace or the internet.

This fraudulent guise of a great online store where goods are sold in the type of laptops, mobile cell phones, cameras at bargain prices. They claim to be able to sell these digital goods are cheap because they do not go via customs, therefore the price is cheaper than the selling price in Indonesia.

With a very convincing style these people make an effort to convince the sufferer that they may visit the store directly with a shopping center on Batam. Modus all of them by asking the sufferer to make a package in advance through TEXT MESSAGE, after which they offer account numbers to possible victims and proof of delivery they post or send out to e-mail or myspace victims they are plus through the entire transaction process they are willing to guide the particular ways transactions in accordance with which often they want.

Already just about become their victims, i really will try to reveal little fraudulent websites they will are.

With capitalize domain name hosting and cheap or free them to register and make their store’s website by copying the content from all other sites. This specific is likely to become to complicate tracking in addition to obscure details about them. Plus some are utilizing their fb accounts which have been hacked to ensnare victims.

Hopefully the information we provide within this frequently asked concerns page could be beneficial and prevent over numerous others tumble victim consequently of ignorance and inadvertent in purchasing online through online retailers or facebook. Be mindful because they might just show up in another form that may be similar but not similar. Sticking with the principle lah “CAREFULLY BEFORE BUYING”

Very good information and selling items online fraud can know everything because every day time is always increasing the victims.

Hopefully useful yach do not forget in order to share and distribute keteman other friends, sorry for the little persons who are victims of many thousands of rupiah

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