The Hummer H3T is a mid-size pickup that was available through the 2009 all wheel drive and 2010 model years.

The automobile was formerly developed as a normal cab (two-door) notion pickup in 2003, that was shown at the 2004 LA Car Show. The five-passenger four wheel drive four wheel drive -door crew-cab creation version made an appearance at the 2008 Chicago Car Show. The H3T presented a 5-feet bed with built-in storage boxes and came in standard Hummer H3T, Hummer H3T Adventure, Hummer H3T Luxury, and Hummer H3T Alpha (with cloth or leather trim) trim packages.

A street test by Engine Trend reported this year’s 2009 Hummer vehicle “crawled up rock and roll steps, ran through fine sand washes, and navigated steep ledges confidently and capacity to free.” They detailed its making radius “uncomfortably extensive” and said “at highway cruising it would’ve been nice to truly have a faster, firmer feel.

International Markets

In 2007, GM South Africa launched Hummer creation in Dock Elizabeth. The seed made the Hummer H3 for the Southern African market, as well as systems exported to Asia and European countries. This manufacturer also made a right-hand-drive version for the Australian market between 2007 and 2009. In Australia, the Hummer was written by GM Holden by specialist dealerships which were also associated with the Saab auto brand, that was held by GM in those days.

The Hummer H3 was experienced this year 2010 by japan Move Ministry for taxes breaks that arranged easier fuel-efficiency criteria for bulkier vehicles. The 4,700-pound (2,132 kg) H3’s 16 mpg-US (15 L/100 kilometres; 19 mpg-imp) average in city traffic cleared the mandatory Japanese emissions criteria in accordance with its weight. A complete of 723 Hummers were bought from Japan through the a year before March 2009.


Robby Gordon competed in the 2010 Dakar Rally in an objective built, tube body framework Hummer H3, completing eighth overall.

Hummer Plug-in hybrid

In early on 2009, Raser Systems and FEV built a prototype plug-in cross types H3 that can achieve up to 100 MPG given enough main electric power. This vehicle was renamed the Electric Hummer H3, and later showcased by California Express Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a press convention at their state Capitol in Sacramento within a campaign to market greener vehicles.

End of the Hummer

By the end of Feb 2010, Basic Motors announced it could commence dismantling the Hummer brand. After filling up a rental-car fleet order, the previous Hummer H3T rolled off series at Shreveport on, may 24, 2010.

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