The World Health Organization believes that two-thirds of the total residents (about 3.7 billion men and women) are living with the herpes virus. It implies that lots of people you know – including yourself – probably have herpes! Even if you haven’t had a lesion previously, you could still be infected with HSV. Most women and men bring the herpes virus have no idea they have the virus.

Why should you consider the herpes virus test if you have no outbreaks? You might be unaware of it, but herpes virus – when left neglected – could result in serious illness, like Alzheimer’s, HIV and meningitis. Moreover, if an individual has herpes virus, they may transmit it to other individuals even when there are no signs and symptoms present (this is called asymptomatic shedding). There is also a very high chance of women giving the HSV to their children throughout labor and delivery. If essential precautions are taken, it is possible to prevent all of these things. And that is why it is extremely essential for every person to get tested for herpes now.

There are a number of the herpes virus screening options, and it is essential for you to select the appropriate one.

DNA Herpes Testing
It is recommended to take DNA test (PCR) for the most accurate results when there are active herpes sores found. This particular kind of the herpes virus lab test locates the genetic element of the herpes simplex virus in a sample (swab of cold sores, blood, glasslike fluid, plasma, serum). This technique may also figure out what sort of the herpes virus – HSV-1 or genital herpes – is present in the sampling. DNA herpes screening is a speedy and confidential technique to get tested for the herpes simplex virus.

Viral Culture HSV Tests
Viral culture herpes test uses cells or fluid from a new sore to produce HSV. It is one of the most preferred methods to identify herpes. Viral culture has a very high degree of false negative results and, therefore, it is a lot less precise than DNA test. Viral culture the herpes virus test is a lot more efficient if taken right after the very first exposure to the HSV.

Anti-bodies Herpes Tests
It is advised to get a blood test that can find HSV antibodies if there are no signs and symptoms found. When a person gets contaminated with herpes, their body immune system creates anti-bodies (necessary proteins) to combat the virus. Therefore if there are anti bodies discovered in a system, it suggests that an individual is contaminated with HSV. Bear in mind, that it takes a few weeks (and, oftentimes, as much as six months) for a man or woman to generate anti-bodies after very first direct exposure to herpes virus. Then, anti-bodies live in a system forever.
A type specific HSV IgG testing can know the difference amongst oral herpes and genital herpes antibodies found in the blood test.

The herpes virus is a very common virus. HSV-1 (oral the herpes virus) could be transmitted through sharing forks and drinks, making out, and at the time of oral sex. HSV-2 (herpes) is a sexually transmitted infection which is spread through skin-to-skin contact.

Whether you have herpes virus outbreaks or otherwise, it is important to get tested for HSV to protect your partner and children and you. Don’t lose time and cash by heading to your medical professional to get checked. Instead, find a HSV test laboratory near you, buy testing online at wonderful costs, and receive your results by email later. Take action and get examined immediately!

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