You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Neither can we.

Which is why NetGain Systems has just created NetGain Free Enterprise Manager.

Based on the award-winning NetGain Enterprise Manager network monitoring solution, the new NetGain Free Enterprise Manager is now free to download, free to install, and free to use – for all time, delivering invaluable peace of mind to business owners – for free.

Software developer NetGain Systems’ CEO, Mr. Toh Soon Seah came up with the idea of launching a free version of his company’s highly versatile, scalable and customizable network monitoring solution, when he realized that a vast majority of the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore don’t even have an IT department, let alone a budget for a network monitoring solution.

This, he says, leaves them vulnerable to significant monetary losses, loss of clients and even harm to their brand’s reputation should mission-critical IT and network devices fail without warning.

The move is also designed to align with the Singapore government’s Smart Nation initiatives, which envisions a city where people are empowered by technology to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Beyond this, Mr. Toh also hopes that SMEs can use his free network monitoring software to avoid incurring costly downtimes that can hurt their bottom lines and lead to job losses.

“For an economy to grow, every business, not just MNCs, needs to do more than just survive,” said Mr. Toh. “It is SMEs that are feeling the brunt of the global downturn, and Singaporeans who stand to lose the most.”

With NetGain EM (Free Edition) installed, said Mr. Toh, SMEs can confidently stay ahead of any critical IT infrastructure problems that may occur during these trying times. Not having to worry about their critical IT assets will also give them peace of mind to focus on tackling the other important business challenges they face, instead of engaging in firefighting whenever an IT crisis hits.

Why SMEs Need Network Monitoring
Such crises have hit larger corporate or government entities like the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), which in July this year had to suspend trading in an unprecedented full-afternoon shutdown due to a single hard disk failure.

The incidence has caused much embarrassment to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, invited ridicule from frustrated investors, and prompted analysts to cast doubts on Singapore’s image as a leading financial centre, further eroding investor confidence amidst a tepid global economy.

Yet, the whole fiasco could have been avoided if SGX had a more effective network monitoring system – a solution used by IT managers to discover impending device failures before they actually happen.

If something like this can happen to SGX, why can’t it happen to the roughly 180,000 local SMEs which make up 99% of the enterprises in Singapore, and which contribute to nearly half of our GDP while employing 70% of our workforce?

Singapore-based innovation company
Operating out of Singapore, but with regional presence throughout Asia, NetGain Systems has been equipping financial institutions, government agencies, multi-national corporations and world-class sporting events like the Beijing Olympics 2008 with network monitoring solutions for the longest time.

The decision to offer a free version stems from the genuine concern that many local Small and Medium Enterprises, with an increasing reliance on information technology to connect with, care for and manage customers, are constantly teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe by gambling on the continued health of their IT systems. Mr. Toh said studies estimate that SMEs stand to make a loss of up to SGD$6000 for each hour of downtime.

These business owners, who otherwise would not consider adding a network monitoring solution to their suite of operating needs, now have a cost-free way of protecting their IT assets, and by implication, their brands, said Soon Seah. Typically, a license to install and run network monitoring can run into several thousand dollars, depending on the vendor you choose.

Free Yet Fully-Featured
But free doesn’t mean light. Although NetGain Free Enterprise Manager lacks the enterprise-oriented features of the paid versions, the software does allow you to monitor up to 20 devices – with unlimited elements per device.

An element refers to a particular property of the device you are monitoring, such as a hard disk. For example, a mission-critical device such as a server can have over 30 elements available for monitoring. This gives the unlimited elements aspect of NetGain Free Enterprise Manager its invaluable value.

Unlike other “cripple-ware” network monitoring solutions offered by other vendors, which are either free for a limited time only, or have important features available only when you purchase the software (or both limitations), NetGain Free Enterprise Manager lets you apply effective monitoring to 20 of your most essential IT and network devices – all without having to spend a cent, for as long as you want.

Wouldn’t you like to save thousands of dollars today, and minimize costly IT failures tomorrow – for free, forever?

With NetGain Free Enterprise Manager, well, now you can.

“It is my hope that the launch of NetGain EM (Free Edition) will help all businesses of all sizes not just survive, but thrive during these trying times,” said Mr. Toh.

“Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage local SMEs to download and install NetGain EM (Free Edition) today to discover the value of network monitoring. Protect your business from costly downtime – it is free and it works.”

To find out more visit the download link at

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