Skoda Citigo is an automobile city course A, made by Czech automaker Skoda Vehicle and, since 2011 October. The first model premiered in the Czech Republic, within the summer of 2012 premiered far away in Europe, in Russia and in the markets in Asia.

Commercial Placement

This is actually the first agent of the business in the ever more popular category A, as the Skoda Fabia belongs to slightly greater category B. Inside the first months, the Citigo was produced only in three-door hatchback body version and even became the first three-to-door model the present day history of Skoda, in August 1990 after stopping the development Skoda Quick. On 6 March 2012, at the International Motor Show in Geneva, 5-to-door and presented hatchback, filling the palette. The Citigo Baggage space is 251 liters and can are as long as 951 liters by folding the trunk car seats. Regardless of the small dimensions of the model, the aerodynamic coefficient Cd is 0.33 – the quantity good for its category.

October 2011 and was first released in the Czech Republic production commenced on 13, december in. In other Member Europe, including in Greece, in July 2012 released, with the 3-door and 5-door version to provide themselves simultaneously.

Related models

As the right area of the Volkswagen group, where the brand was integrated in 1991, the Citigo stocks the same program Volkswagen Group MQB program, with Volkswagen up! and Seating Mii. These three models developed mutually as the job “New Small Family” “New Small Family / NSF” and it is substantially equivalent technologically, aside from some variations to look at and in ancillary components of equipment. Manufactured on distributed facilities in Bratislava of Slovakia.

All 3 models will be the first in Category A offering Auto Braking System which particular from ?koda called City Safe Drive. Automatically triggered at rates of speed below 30 km / h, whenever a sensor laser identifies collision risk, therefore the system activates itself brakes.


Originally, the model was offered with one engine motor, with a selection between two different electric power outputs. And both variants can be purchased with the Green Tec technology that produces 95 to 98 gr CO 2 / kilometres depending on engine electric power. In early on 2013 it added a version with the capacity of consuming gas (CNG) and produces only 79 gr CO 2 / kilometres.

Passive and active safety

In crash studies by the indie Euro NCAP corporation, in 2011 November, family Volkswagen up! acquired the best difference of five celebrities in of a member of family part and part impact testing, as well as part impact in the column, with percentages, 89% for adult coverage, 80% to the security of minors, 86% for the security systems and has standard, 46% in pedestrian safeguard in crash simulation with pedestrians.

At exactly the same time, the Skoda Citigo, like the Chair Mii, thouroughly tested by Euro NCAP and considered officially as structurally equivalent to the Volkswagen up! and with the same structure in the dashboard. Furthermore, ?koda and Seating proven to Euro NCAP that the related models to transport the same safeness equipment as standard in every 3 models are pyrotechnic pretensions on leading seatbelts, leading airbags an starting stage, aspect ribs and mind airbags ( combo) and buzzers seatbelt reminder for leading and rear travellers. As a total result, the Euro NCAP released that the Volkswagen in the score! connect with Citigo 2017 skoda and Seats Mii.

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