VoIP communication is the latest technology that delivers services between voice contact and multimedia through internet protocol networks. It is not easy to set up or end communication between two mediums through VoIP communication. Proper methodology is required to create or end connection contact between two reliable mediums. Some steps are followed to setting up VoIP communication between two user agents. Those steps are given as follows:
• First step is that to check signals of network to procedure communication through related medium Internet protocols. Signal strength should be better to avoid delay in communication. Use reliable Connection for setting up (VoIP) Voice over internet protocol communication.
• After setting signals options check that media channel is connected properly with full signals strength. Use reliable media channels around proper distance medium.
• Maintain analog signals in maintained ways
• Try to encode produce messages between two sources
• Now try to decompose messages in to various packets in sorted order. This step is very important and play vital role in the communication.
• Last and most important step is to transmit packets on internet protocol address packets. When that step is completed then setting up process completes.

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